Updating android browser

And just like an outdated Java version, Web View may cause problems or contain security flaws if it is not kept up-to-date.

Many users disable automatic updates for Android System Web View because they don’t know what it is used for.

In order to download software from this website, you must be using Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.

If you meet the browser requirements, check for a browser message on your screen prompting you to run an add-on.

The class in the leanback library allows you to create a primary layout for browsing categories and rows of media items with a minimum of code.

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By the time KLP comes out this will be a 2yr old product and beyond its development lifecycle. I recommend to skip all Samsung tablets - if they even cannot keep their premium tablets updated, don't bother! When I purchased the note 10.1 when they were first released, samsung promised to keep the tablet up to date for at least 5 years.

edit - the 4.2 update just came out last week by the way. Got it's only upgrade already on january 2013 from 4.0 to 4.1. On the phone "support" transferred me to the "tech support" who never answered (I sat on hold for 2 hours before I gave up.) Their e-mail "support" only sends a generic response, with no way to respond (contact information is fake, mailer-daemon.) [bottom line] Unless you need the pen, don't waste your money on samsung mobile products. You just have to download Samsung Kies to your PC then you connect the tablet to PC and when it is detected update will begin immediately.

Are you really talking about Note 10.1 2012 or some other device? No updates, no support, means no more samsung for me. I'd like to use the external memory for large apps such as Spotify but Samsung told me that the only way to do it was to wait for the upgrade. And if 16 GB isn't enough for you, you can always expand storage with SD cards up to 64 GB. However, there are many tablets that look and sound appealing but are so slow and unusable they deteriorate the quality of your life.

Using this software and any updates or upgrades as provided by Research In Motion Limited or any of its affiliates ("RIM") is subject to the Black Berry Software License Agreement ("BBSLA"), unless otherwise stated.

Hi I am planning to purchase Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition.

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