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Partly why this is “news” is that firing so many librarians at once is hardly the norm, but it is becoming more normal to hire part-cime assistants in the place of degreed librarians.

A Kind Reader emailed me recently after studying the effect of degreed librarians on outputs from public libraries and finding there was no correlation.

Prior to that, he worked for such companies as Mainland Meats, Heinz Wattie, Huttons and Glaxo Pharmaceuticals.

Westland's current divisions manufacturing, quality and supply chain would all come under Mr Betty's areas of responsibility.

“I didn’t have one, so she told me no.”Adams shared his dating resume online last week after a woman posted on the university’s class of 2018 Facebook page saying her roommate needed a date for a formal.

The resume included hobbies and what he looks for in a romantic partner.

In addition we have an extensive range of Antique Fireplace Accessories such as Fire Baskets, Fire Grates, Register and Hob Grates, Antique Fireplace Inserts, Firebacks, Fireplace Fenders, Fire Tools and Firescreens as well as a fascinating selection of other antique items including Overmantel Mirrors, Clocks, Chandeliers & Lighting, Furniture, Sculptures & Carvings, Garden Statuary & Fountains and other Architectural pieces.

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We carry a stock of over 750 Antique Fireplaces and Chimneypieces in marble, stone and wood in styles ranging through the Renaissance, Rococo, Louis XV, Georgian, Regency, Louis XVI, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts periods.

Less than a week later, Adams has been featured on Buzz Feed and “Good Morning America.” There’s also been a growing push through social media to have Adams on “The Ellen De Generes Show.”“It’s been a cool experience, and my mom is really loving it,” he said.

Adams has since been invited to several formals in and around Lansing, some of which he plans to attend.

Craig Betty has been appointed chief operations officer of Westland Milk Products.

It was the second new appointment to the co-operative's senior management team, Gary Yu having taken up the role of general manager China.

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