Quit dating the church

In her opinion, launching a new web-page has attracted huge attention of the media, therefore, the Church expected a certain amount of the faithful to leave it.

quit dating the church-20

Why do you think Bob Goff started quitting things in the first place?To date, the Evangelic-Lutheran Church is attended by nearly 3,9 million parishioners, including those living abroad.Since 2016 about 34 thousand people have quit the church, with only 2 thousand having joined it.In college, and before that by our parents, we’re taught to explore the world, broaden our horizons, think critically, question everything and figure out who we are as individuals.Though there’s value in this, it’s hyper-individualistic. In many ways, it represents, fairly or not, sameness, conformity and a “check your brain at the door” ethos.

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