Pre selection theory dating

The distribution of attractiveness ratings seems to show a symmetric, bell-shaped curve.This is what we’d expect, and I posted on this matter in October.Not surprisingly, it shows that women are focused as strongly on appearance as men are. Given enough tries, we find one that likes us; life goes on.The real shocker is this: women on Ok Cupid have rated 80% of the men as unattractive, including four demonstrably average-looking men (Ok Cupid staff).I’m going to establish one of the reasons why in this post. Thankfully, not everyone’s appraisal of attractiveness is the same.Let’s look at an Ok Cupid study that has recieved a lot of attention: Your Looks and Your Inbox. A few of us are attractive to most people; most of us are attractive to some people.Thus, natural selection has made sure that this observance is pre-wired into the female brain.

I’m not innately a misogynist, but I think most American women are seriously defective, for probably cultural reasons. Everyone knows that looks are a substantial component of the dating process, and most of us accept this.Second, pre-selection, among all the DHV characteristics of an alpha male, is the hardest trait to fake. While birds can disguise shorter tails behind bushes, it is not possible for them to replicate a fake female bird.In experiments that involved placing a female looking bird doll next to the male bird’s nest, the male birds with the dolls mated more frequently than their control counterparts without fake bird dolls.Even in humans, the use of a woman through paying her (extreme example) still implies resources to wealth and the social intelligence of setting up the arrangement.Pre-selection, though possibly wrong, is often the woman’s best indicator of a man’s S&R value.

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