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That’s why we’re the right dating agency for Kiwi men and women seeking lasting love.Skara Brae is a prehistoric village that was in use between roughly 3100 B. After it was abandoned, it was covered with sand dunes and wasn’t discovered until A. 1850, when a ferocious winter storm blew part of the turf off the ruins. Visitors can still see the furniture of the stone houses that people used 5,000 years ago.“The villagers were real neighbors living cheek by jowl, their houses connected by walled, sometimes decorated, alleyways,” said Simon Schama, a professor at Columbia University, in a BBC documentary aired in 2000.“It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine gossip traveling down those alleyways after a hearty seafood supper.” Today, Skara Brae is by the sea although in prehistoric times it would have been a few miles from the coast.

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