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Activities namespace (the ones I wanted to use are marked internal – sigh).There’s a little bit of work to get the custom activity in, but it’s nothing you can’t handle!If no previous good build is found, however, all changes between changeset 1 and the current label are analyzed for inclusion into the current build.The single largest factor in determining the run time of this task is the size of the workspace you have mapped.

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This feature will also be fixed in V2 (the last successful build will actually be store in the DB, rather than being calculated on the fly).However, running your new flashy “merge-aware” template, you get 4 associated changesets and 2 associated work items (see the build output below).This does mean that the work items may end up having been associated with 2 (or more) builds.After the first successful build, the build server started only showing differences and things went much faster.That said, it did seem like it took an unusually large amount of time to find the 3000 or so changesets that went into the first build.

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