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Ene is founder and CEO of the five-year-old Munich-based company, which recently picked up its largest client in weekly news magazine Der Spiegel.

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is another one of Netflix’s forays into foreign-language programming, except this one is unique due to its science-fiction backdrop.

It’s also not Swedish (it has over 230 million members worldwide) but is very popular in Sweden – primarily because it’s free. It's also gained a bit of a reputation as a hook-up site, so if you're looking for something more serious it's perhaps best to read on.

This site is perfect for those of you who love to take magazine quizzes and questionnaires.

The nostalgia is obviously strong — and the teaser exploits that nostalgia perfectly — but many, including myself, are holding their breath in hopes that the sequel lives up to the original. As proven by its production of is a political drama that centers on Robert Taro, the mayor of Marseille who has to deal with drug lords, labor unions, and corrupt politicians as he aims to win the coming elections.

Netflix does drama well, and this is unlikely to be an exception.

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